Commercial Roofing . . . New Construction . . . Metal Roofing Repairs . . . Maintenance

Flat Commercial

Flat Commercial Roofing

Peddie Roofing installs and maintains flat and sloped roof systems on single story retail and commercial buildings, large industrial complexes, office towers, high rise residential buildings and condominiums.

We provide top quality roofing products.

New Construction
and Replacement

New Construction and Retrofit Roofing

Peddie Roofing provides new construction, retrofit replacement and repair services for existing roof assemblies.

Primary assembly roofs include built-up, two ply, and single membrane (EPDM, PVC) systems.

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing and Repair

Metal roofing maintenance and repair requires specialized knowledge and expertise. We do coating and repairs and membrane roofing. We specialize in large industrial applications.

We custom create a maintenance program for your roof.

Inspection and

Roof Inspection and maintenance

We identify existing or potential problems, write a detailed report and propose a comprehensive maintenance plan.

Our maintenance programs protect the structural integrity and extend the life cycle of your roof.